NBA All Star Baron Davis, life as a Venture Capitalist, learning from Kobe Bryant, David Stern

Baron Davis, two time NBA All Star.  Played against New Orleans HornetsGolden State WarriorsLos Angeles ClippersCleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks. Baron has played college basketball for UCLA, where he was an All-American honoree before turning professional after his sophomore year. He was a star high school player and a prodigy while at Crossroads School.
Beside NBA career, you have increasing role in the film industry, member of the Screen Actors Guild. In 2016, Davis created the Black Santa Company, November 2019, Davis joined an advisory board for Tinley Beverage Company Inc. You have made 17 startup investments that incudes Overtime, Uber, Cloudbase and many unicorns. 

She-VC: NBA All Star Baron Davis, life as a Venture Capitalist, learning from Kobe Bryant, David Stern and playing against Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal 1. Please talk about your hugely successful NBA All Star BIG Summit and what is your motivation behind such a platform? 2. VC is a very hard industry to prepare for. There is no MBA or coursework that prepares you for early stage or late stage investing. Your journey as a VC/investor during and after NBA All Star career. What prepared you in your life you to be an investor? (Talk about how you started) 3. What is your investment thesis and tell us some of the successful companies you invested and exited (if any). What kind of market opportunities and future trends in tech that excites you as a VC. 4. Recently we saw the passing away of Black Mamba and David Stern. Both of them are prolific investors beside having a flourishing NBA career as a former player and commissioner. Have they given you any tips in your career as an investor or what have you learnt from their investment style? 5. As we VCs say software is eating every vertical, you are seeing deep tech investors like me investing in sports. How do you see sports investment is changing in the last few decades as tech is eating sports vertical. Your view of “ Rise of sports industry as an asset class to invest.” 6. You are a two-time NBA All Star. You have played with many prolific NBA legends. Who is that player(s) who had made you starry eyed on court?