Rudina Seseri on System Thinking and Mental Model for Investing in Frontier Techs in AI

Rudina Seseri founder and Managing Partner of Glasswing ventures tells her story in She-VC. She is an investor and sits on the Board of Inrupt founded by Tim Burners Lee (inventor of world wide web), Verusen - supply chain, Talla, Zylotech, Celtra, Social Flow. She is also Venture Partner at Rock Center, Harvard Business School.

She-VC Questions: 1. You have invested in some of the most innovative AI startups that includes Inrupt by Sir Tim Burners Lee. Considering the threat that we are living in right now how do you think AI can help us better prepare for the next invasion? Why did you decide to focus on specifically frontier technologies in AI? 2. VC is a very hard industry to prepare for. There is no MBA or coursework that prepares you for early stage investing. You came into this country as an immigrant from Albania and rose to a Partner role and then you founded your own AI fund Glasswing Ventures . Tell me about how your past experiences helped you to start your own AI fund. 3. It is said that the venture capital is all about identifying patterns in time. Yet we are seeing how our policy leaders have failed to recognize the patterns of other infected countries and now we are all in this to flatten the curve. Unpredictability is a pattern of our life now. Bigger Innovative ideas are unpredictable and sometimes challenging to many people. Sometimes those investment decisions can be non-consensus among Partners. To invest in such unpredictable big ideas one has to learn and see things differently, analyze markets that others are finding it non-sexy to invest in. What kind of system thinking and mental models do you approach to back such investments. 4. Once the pandemic settles, can you elaborate about the new market opportunities for deep tech investment globally and the importance of AI in such endeavors? 5. How do you think Coronavirus affects your AI portfolio startups? How do you think they should embrace these sudden changes? 6. You are the first woman founder of an AI venture capital fund. Maybe in the world. Venture Capital is one industry that has not been disrupted. As we are seeing more people bringing movement into this industry, how do you see biases and prejudices that played in the past come in effect for people like you who are catalysts for change.