She-VC: Hunter Somerville, Partner at Greenspring Associates on diversity in growth stage investing

About Hunter Somerville:

Hunter Somerville is a General Partner at Greenspring Associates and is responsible for sourcing and due diligence efforts on fund, direct and secondary opportunities. He is also actively involved in the assessment of micro-vc managers for the Firm. Additionally, Hunter serves on the LP Advisory Boards for 5 AM Ventures, K2 Venture Capital, Arthur Ventures, Anthos Capital, Pear, Bullpen Capital, Redpoint China, Fika Ventures, Felix Capital, Foundry Group, Imaginary Ventures, Pioneer Square Labs, Primary Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, TLV Partners, Boldstart Ventures, Ludlow Ventures, MaC Venture Capital and Work-Bench. Hunter also serves on the board of Xometry and is a board observer for Aqua Security, Omnispace, LogicGate, Matrix Medical Network, G5, Rocket Lab and Electric. Prior to joining Greenspring, Hunter worked as an Associate for Camden Private Capital. While at Camden Private Capital, he conducted due diligence and monitored fund investments across venture capital, growth equity, debt, and buyout structures.

Hunter received his M.B.A at the Robert H. Smith School of Business with a concentration in Finance and Strategy. He completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and a minor in History.

Here are the topics/Questions

Below are the questions/topics discussed:

1. You have been an investor in many iconic venture firms that are creating new market behavior. As a multi manager investment fund where do you differentiate yourself as an added value investor in single manager funds?

2. Growth stage investing is very competitive as more public market investors are entering the investing market. What goes beyond the check that convinces late stage companies to put Greenspring on the CAP Table?

3. Can you share your learnings from being on the board of these amazing companies? What tips do you want to share to startup founders that are raising their growth rounds?

4. Can you elaborate about the new market opportunities in single manager funds in today’s venture market? What they should do to attract LPs like Greenspring Associates?

5. Greenspring recently launched it’s diversity fund and you have backed some great single managers. How important diversity is for private market investment and where do you think Greenspring can be a catalyst for such changes?

6. You live in Baltimore and many of your investments are outside the silicon valley, In areas like the Midwest, or the Southwest, we often find bootstrapped companies that are simply scrappier, hungrier and more focused on bottom-line financials. ….. because some of these companies feel like underdogs, trying to compete with better-funded companies from the coasts—and often succeeding. Do you think COVID19 will create more opportunities for such startups?

7. Has your risk profile changed over the years especially more recently during COVID-19?

8. As the market tumbled and took a sharp recovery, we are seeing tech stocks rallying higher than other sectors. What is the future of multi manager venture fund investing?

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