She-VC: Teresa Lee from OMERS Pension Fund discusses Evolving Investments in the Healthcare Industry

Today, we are talking to Teresa Lee, Managing Director of OMERS Growth Equity with $120B asset under management OMERS pension fund. The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) is a Canadian public pension fund, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. In 2010, this fund also takes care of the pensions of firefighters, police officers, emergency physicians, employees of the Children's Aid Society, school employees other than teachers, public transport employees and Ontario Hydro employees. Teresa is going to talk about her own investing journey into the innovative healthcare industry


1.Tell us about your CAREER JOURNEY

2. Your Investment thesis how it was shaped and broader mandate where OMER invest 

3. Police officer, fire fighter, pension funds, where their dollar should be invested in, where they will like to see their investments make the most of impact in the world a better place with better returns.

4. Tell us how your personal journey shaped your outlook towards investing in healthcare.

5. 95% of time you focus on healthcare, tell us where do you see the next alpha and impact in healthcare. 

6. How the Market in healthcare is changing post COVID

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