She-VC: Mythilli Sankaran from Neythri Futures Fund discusses Southeast Asian Women in Asset Allocation

Mythili Sankaran is the CEO and Co-founder of, a global community of professional South Asian women and the Founding Managing Partner of the Neythri Futures Fund, a unique venture fund for and by South Asian women.  

Mythili has been a consulting CXO to early-stage startups, product management specialist, operator, dealmaker, entrepreneur and community builder. She comes with extensive experience in both, the corporate, and nonprofit sectors. With over two decades of experience in the technology sector, Mythili brings a combination of strong startup, enterprise, product management and business development expertise to teams she works with. Previously, Mythili was the Senior Director & Head, Western Region for the U.S. India Business Council where she led the Council’s west coast practice and membership. Prior to USIBC, Mythili was the CEO of Koollage, a telecom/web startup and was also the Founding Executive Director, West Coast of the American India Foundation. Early in her career, Mythili spent several years as a Technology Product Director at Palmsource, Research Staff Member at IBM Research Labs as well as AT&T Bell Labs and in product management roles at Lucent Technologies. 

Mythili is an active angel investor and a member of several leading angel investment funds focused on women and is a Fellow of the American Leadership Forum, Silicon Valley. Mythili is also actively involved in several non-profits focused on girls’ education and empowerment. She serves on the Regional Board of Room to Read, a global nonprofit supporting girls’ education and literacy, is a mentor for the Duke Technology Scholars program, and Global Advisor to How Women Lead. Mythili has a MS degree in Physics from Texas Tech University, an Executive MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently enrolled in the Stanford Executive Program. 

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She-VC Topics Discussed:

1.  Introduction of Mythilli Sankaran and Neythri Futures Fund

2.  Despite underrepresentation, we are no longer considered minorities anymore. I would love to know your point of view – how do you think, for the new generations of founders and funders navigating this space, should we navigate this space as minorities that are no longer considered minorities?

3.  What are some of the portfolio companies you have invested and would like to highlight for She-VC?

4.  Can you talk more about your investment thesis for yourself at Neythri Futures Fund?

5.  Do you see a shift in the gear – how do you think the newer hubs, Miami, the Midwest, southwest, are becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs?

6.  Work life balance – you are a mother, and with all of your different responsibilities, how do you maintain your work life balance?

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