2020 New VC Research Report: The untapped potential of WOMEN led VC fund

Excited to welcome in this special episode, one of the She-VC Partner

Women in VC is the world’s largest community for women in venture capital, today the network includes more than 2,800 women across more than 1,800 venture funds spanning over 160 cities and 55 countries. Their new report, the Untapped Opportunity of Women Led funds digs into both the urgency and compelling opportunity of backing women fund managers - we’re excited to dig into hose findings today.

We’re here with the co-founders of Women in VC, Jessica Peltz and Sutian Dong - Jessica is the Founding Partner at Hannah Grey, a first check venture fund investing at the intersection of human behavior and technology innovation, and Sutian is launching her new fund focused on emerging fund managers

We discussed:

1. Before we dig into the report. Can you tell us how Women in VC started?

2. Both of you have been in the industry for quite some time. Tell us what the most shocking thing about this report was.

3. I want to highlight this report is in venture capital, when it comes to PE, HF, the gender gap is more skewed. If the market data shows that woman emerging FUND managers perform better. How can we have a systemic balance - between opportunity vs urgency.

4. How can LPs get involved more to solve this problem?

For more details, you can go to women-vc.com and access the 2020 report.