Solo She-VCs

These data/information are based on personal opinions and perceptions collected from solo women GPs featured on She-VC.

  • Mostly the fund size ranges sub $5M -$25M.

  • Women solo GPs can be found investing globally including starting investment funds in Africa, where VCs are more focussed on growth equity investing than seeding super early stage entrepreneurs.

  • Women solo GPs taking more time to raise than male solo GPs.

  • More than 50% of women solo GPs not only have diverse experience but also have ethnically diverse background.

  • More BIPOC GPs are starting solo GPs circa BLM movement.

  • Solo-GPs investment focus is also on DEI products and women/BIPOC entrepreneurs at grass root level.

  • Mostly all women solo GPs are early stage investors.

  • Solo GPs' LPs are mostly UHNWI instead of large institutional LPs because of micro fund size.


Anna Raptis: $10M Fund I

Amplifica Capital is the first female focused VC fund in Mexico. We make investments that have a positive impact on the lives of women in order to increase their opportunities and participation in the economy. PortCos - Encantos, Kolors, Verqor, Clupp, Microterra, Agtools.

Pros- 100% control over vision, thesis and culture of the fund.

Cons - I feel I need to clone myself to get all the work done that I want to get done.

Eva Yazhari: $30M Fund I

Beyond Capital Ventures is a women-led, emerging markets impact venture fund catalyzing Seed to Series A startups to create superior financial returns, and unlock opportunity for 1 billion consumers in East Africa and India lacking access to essential goods and services. The fund first closed on April 30 and completed its first investment. BCV will invest in conscious leaders building businesses to address growing needs primarily in healthcare, agriculture and financial inclusion sectors. Leveraging an 11-year track record, paired with strong advisors and deep post-investment support, the fund offers investors a diversified, de-risked and dynamic portfolio. The Beyond Capital Ventures portfolio addresses macro trends such as emerging markets growth and technology-assisted solutions. The fund will also pioneer an Equitable Venture structure that provides Series A level founders in the portfolio with a profit share in the GP carry.

Pros: "As a solo GP, I can reinvent venture capital. Many investors say they are "founder friendly" yet founders are typically diluted to minimum shareholdings in their companies. Especially in emerging markets where investors historically are extractive, this paradigm is important to spotlight. As an example, as a solo GP I was able to set up a pool to grant 8% of the GP carry to the founders in the portfolio, making them partners in the success of the fund."

I have had to unlearn a lot. Being an early-stage investor coming from Wall Street, the same set of criteria did not apply. I wish I had learned early on that the school you graduate from does not predict a person's level of business acumen. The second unlearning is that institutional does not mean better, and best practices or "the way things have always been done" are not assumed to be moral, ethical or sustainable. My takeaway has been to think differently about investing, zero in in conscious leaders running profitable businesses with authentic impact baked into their business models, and look for structural innovations like Equitable Venture. "

Katlyne Donnelly: $1M fund I, $50M+ Fund II

Avalanche VC invest in early-stage technology companies transforming the way we work, learn, and live.

Portfolio: Level, The Social Institute, Prisms VR, Upstock, Riff Analytics

"I’m proud of these, in particular, because I saw the mega-trend or Avalanche early and was one of the first checks in. I’ve also believe that each will create a powerful impact for good in the world. The returns will come in time."

Pros and Cons: "Venture Capital is a long game. To be successful in venture capital you need deep, trust-based relationships with strongly aligned interests and incentives with your entrepreneurs and LPs. The more direct these relationships are the stronger they are. There is more trust. There is less miscommunication and misalignment. I wanted to have conviction, I wanted to be in the trenches, I wanted to have my personal reputation on the line. To be accountable for the outcome directly. I’m not sure there is such thing as a traditional venture firm anymore. As a solo-capitalist, I find that I add criteria to investing which is ‘why me?’. What can I uniquely add to this founder or entrepreneur?"

Ariana Thacker: Sub $10M Fund I

Conscience is an early-stage fund pioneering the intersection of consumer and science. We are actively investing in companies that meet the following criteria: Technically defensible, science-led business (deep tech or data-intensive platform); Solving a real problem for consumers (B2C, B2B2C business model) ; At the pre-seed & seed stages (sub-$15m valuation, although we occasionally make exceptions) ;In the US & Canada.

Portfolios: Loyal (backed by First Round Capital, Khosla, Box Group); Nimbus (backed by Thiel Capital); The Last Gameboard (backed by SOSV, Riot Games); Skyways (backed by YC, Social Capital); Tiny Health (backed by Hustle Fund, OnDeck, The Venture City)

Pros: "I've also always valued creative freedom, and having a more hands-on and personal relationship with founders. Founders are buying into exposure to you, as you are to them. This is something larger firms will not be able to replicate.

Furthermore, the main unfair advantage of a solo GP is unprecedented speed. This is how I'm able to win competitive deals and gain conviction without the bureaucracy."

Cons: "Lots of work, long hours, minimal resources in house so must be creative, not as scalable (unless creative re platforms / value add), must be more narrow thesis to execute."

Shila Nieves Burney: $25M Fund I

Pros: "In absence of hierarchy, it makes me work harder and think more about the risks I’m taking by investing in companies. I don’t make all of the decisions alone; I have a venture partner who helps make investment decisions, but as a solo GP I am able to move faster. Going solo also changes the way I work with founders because they can come directly to me. That’s one of the good things about not being in a big firm - I am extremely accessible online and through social media. Founders don’t have to search for the decision-maker like they do at large firms."

Cons: "All of the work is on you, including the risks and the rewards, and the economics. You also have to continue to explain to investors that you have the ability to manage a micro fun as a solo GP. There are times when you are lonely as a solo GP, especially when you’ve received a no from an LP, and there is no one to share the feedback with."

Jessica Karr: Fund I $10M

Coyote Ventures is a venture capital fund investing in early stage startups that are innovating in women’s health and wellness. The General Partner Jessica Karr is a scientist turned entrepreneur turned investor. She was a Biochemist at Impossible Foods and has direct hands on experience building and launching novel products. Coyote Ventures is in partnership with FemTech Focus, a nonprofit that includes the most listened to FemTech podcast, a research arm with FemTech databases, and a virtual community with over 1000 members. Coyote Ventures is at the ground floor of women’s health innovation, picking winners at the earliest stage while partnering with corporations to create alliances.

Portfolio: The Flex Company, Hera Biotech, Maude, Wile

Pros: "ability to make decisions quickly and set the strategic vision" ; "clarity on roles and responsibilities"

Cons: "-SO much to do all the time!

-not having someone to talk it out, brainstorm, who is in the trenches day to day"